Saturday, April 16, 2011

Library of Congress
This post is to introduce you to the Bridge Creek Veteran's History Project. We hope you will follow our progress and help us honor our veterans.
Bridge Creek Elementary School began interviewing war veterans in 2005 as part of a service-learning project. Students videotape the interviews and send a copy to the Library of Congress in Washington DC. In the interview, students ask the veterans questions from boot camp/training experiences to what they are doing today. As of April 2011, students have completed almost 75 interviews with 60 already catalogued in the Library of Congress. Our veterans range in age from 23 to 93 - from WWII to Panama to Afghanistan - from foot soldiers to submarine captains. 
If you would like to view our interviews, follow this link:

The project has expanded to include many more students and several other projects with our veterans that will be introduced in upcoming posts. Please visit often as we highlight some of our veterans, projects, upcoming events, and veteran information.

Mrs. Dake/Mrs. Skeen
Service Learning Coordinators





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